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Our annual Corpus Christi Procession will take place next Sunday (3rd June) after 12.00 Mass. 


The procession will take the following route:


→ From the Church gate to Guardwell

→ On to Main Street

→ Left at Bank of Ireland

→ Left into Short Quay for Benediction

→ Exit Short Quay onto Barry’s Place

→ Left on to Pearse Street

→ Left on to Market Street

→ Right at Museum towards Assumption Terrace

→ Right on to Cork Street and back to the Church for Benediction


An Altar Server with Cross will lead the Procession at the junction of Friar’s Street and Cork Street.

The First Communicants will gather behind the Altar Server with Cross.

The remaining Altar Servers will gather behind the Communicants and in front of the Canopy.

The Canopy for the Blessed Sacrament will be outside the main gate.

The Choirs will gather behind the Blessed Sacrament.

Followed by the Congregation.

On leaving the church the congregation will be reminded to exit by the upper gates to form the procession.