A chairde, 

Seans gur chuala sibh cheanna ach theastaigh uaim pobal na scoile a cur ar an eolas go bhuil dul chun cinn suntasach déanta ar ár bhfoirgnimh buan a fháil! 

Some of you may be aware from news on Social Media, but I wanted to let the whole school community know that significant progress has been made in the development of a permanent building for Gaelscoil Chionn tSáile! The contracts for the site for the school will be executed in the coming days. The school will remain on this site while the building will commence in the field adjacent. We are blessed already with an amazing amount of space for the children so imagine when the site is 3 times its current size! The new site will extend to 4.5 acres! When the new building is completed, the prefabricated buildings we are currently in will be removed and a new era for Gaelscoil Chionn tSáile will begin! We are so so excited about this news! As a word of warning, I hasten to add, this development won’t happen overnight but we are light years ahead of where we were this time last week! I will keep you posted as progress happens, Gaelscoil Chionn tSáile abúúúúúúú!