All local schools are invited to be involved in Earth Hour 2013, on Saturday 23rd March 8.30 -9.30pm. It is the ‘one’ hour each year when the whole world has the opportunity to show their commitment to taking action on climate change. TTK will be holding an event for ‘Earth Hour’ on Saturday 23rd March 2013 in the public garden adjacent to Actons with entertainment and the chance for the children to place their jam jar lantern on a huge map of the world. Entertainment will be provided in magical candlelight by the Lydian Choir and possibly jugglers from Cork Circus. It is set to be an enjoyable hour!

For the attention of all parents: 

Please supply your child with a glass jam jar for their art class this week. The children will be decorating their jam jar to hold a candle which they can light during Earth Hour when we are all invited to switch off for the hour.

This Friday the 22nd March 2013 is ‘Wear it Bright‘ day at school. Children are allowed to wear their brightest of clothes to school and in turn donate 1 or 2 euro to the environmental cause of the schools choice.