The next ‘Do it in Memory Mass’ is on Saturday, 24th November, 2012 at 6.30pm The Feast of Christ the King.

Things to know:

(1) The children will need to bring some falling leaves to this mass (just one or two is fine). Parents Group leaders will be at the back of the church with baskets to collect the leaves from the children as they come into Mass.

(2) Try to be at the church 5/10 minutes early so your child’s leaves can go in the basket, which will then be brought to the altar and placed near the Paschal Candle.

(3) After the 2nd Reading Fr Robert will again call all the First Holy Communion Children up to the altar for the Gospel Reading. The children will then sit down on the floor in front of the altar and Fr Robert will chat to the children about the Gospel (what the story was about etc).  Only the children will go up to the altar, parents can remain in their seats. The First Communion School Parents Representatives will stand behind the children, just to keep an eye on things!!

(4) Just a little reminder to your children to say “Amen” and bless themselves after they receive their special blessing from Fr Robert and Canon John K when they go up to them at Communion time.

(5) Before this ‘Do this in Memory Mass’ if parents could help their children to:
(a) complete page 43 in their Thumb Book
(b) to read pages 14 – 17.

Don’t forget to bring the Thumb book to Mass.