Dear Parents,

write to you, parents of the children preparing for Confirmation

I invite you to a meeting of parents only on Wednesday 9th
November 2016 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm in the Friary Centre.

purpose of the meeting is to assist parents to explore issues around putting
forward a child for Confirmation. It is not a talk or lecture. The
  meeting is to look at our understanding of
Confirmation and in the light of that to look at ways in which you can help to
make Confirmation Day more meaningful for yourself and your child.

realise it may be difficult for both parents to attend, but if possible it
would be much more beneficial. The meeting will be facilitated by the Parish
Catechists (Carmel Murphy and Emily O’Regan), some parishioners and myself.

Enrolment for Confirmation will be on
13th November 2016
at 10.00am Mass.

look forward to seeing you at the meeting in the Friary.

Yours sincerely,


Fr. Robert Young